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Welcome to our 2023 schedule of events

Following on from the success of our Welcome Back Ipswich weekend in March 2022, we took heed of your wonderful feedback and decided that, whilst we're in negotiations with Ipswich Borough Council, and are working on a permanent project, we'll bring more of what you love to this amazing building.

Here's what we're doing

Ipswich Borough Council are organising a series of 'Ipswich Weekender' Events this year, with the first one on 10, 11, 12th, March - we'll be joining in and opening our doors to share the delights of the most creatively talented band of people with you!

We're also going to be holding pop-up weekends ourselves to coincide with other events around the town - here they are (NB these may be subject to change):

When can you shop in 2023?

10-12th March

14-16th April

5th-7th May

23-25th June

28-30th July

25-27th August

24-26th November

7-10th December

14th-17th December

Keep your eyes peeled as there will be news before each of the events. Follow us on socials for all up-to-date info:

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