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01 our vision

“Breathing Life Back into Ipswich’s Historical Hub”


02 our mission

“To reinvigorate Ipswich’s historical Ancient House as a commercial and social hub; working with the building and celebrating the stunning architecture, bringing it back to life for the people of Ipswich and our visitors”

Who We Are

03 about us

We're a team of three people: Miranda Acres, Annabel Debrick and Matt West; who are currently negotiating with Ipswich Borough Council to take on the spectacular Ancient House and bring it back to life. Our plans are to create a vibrant hub with a buzz; a building with a mission and a link between all of our incredible town's amazing assets, and to do this all as a Community Interest Company (meaning that all profits go back into the Ancient House). Here's what we want Ancient House to consist of:

  1. A very carefully curated department store full of professional makers and independent traders from both near and far. We want to reignite retail by introducing the people of Ipswich and our visitors to brands that they know and brands that they don't - all under one beautiful roof.

  2. A restaurant and bar with the best vibe. We want people to chill and snack in the daytime and dress up and dine in the evening on fancy food and drinks.

  3. An information hub. We want to promote our great town and all that it contains to both our residents and visitors. We have so much to offer and we want to provide information on what that is. We're looking to provide tours of our building as well as guided tours of the town - we have a great history and so many great features - let's all learn about it and teach others about it too.

What Next?

04 what next?

We'd love to keep you posted with what's going on at Ancient House; how our proposals are going and what we're up to next. Why not subscribe and we'll send news as we have it (never more than once a month, we promise!)

And, if you've got any suggestions or anything that you'd like to see at Ancient House, please do contact us - we're always open to suggestions.

If you're an independent maker or trader and would like to join our merry band, find out more here


05 contact us

Contact Us

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Ancient House, 30 Buttermarket, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 1BT, United Kingdom

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