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Welcome Back Ipswich Weekend!

Ipswich Borough Council hosted a Welcome Back Ipswich weekend on 12th/13th March 2022 to encourage all of you incredible people back into the town centre after what have been the weirdest two years that we've all lived through.

There was a catalogue of events on over the weekend all around Ipswich Town Centre and we were a part of it! Read about what it was here

You were amazing!

We brought you a pop-up department store, some street food and tours of this incredible building with some of Ipswich's Town Guides... and you proved to us that it was the right thing to do.

You came in your droves (almost 2,500 over the weekend!): you supported small businesses; you toured this incredible building from top to bottom; and you ate our food and drunk our drinks.

You told us that you loved seeing the building opened back up, and you enjoyed remembering what it was like and what it should be again.

You rocked Ipswich! Thanks a whole bunch. Read about what we're looking to do with the building when (not if!) we get the lease here (fingers crossed!)

Take a look at us and you in the images below - and see if you can spot yourselves in the crowds over the weekend:

What can you do now?

Well, for our part, we've submitted lots of stats to Ipswich Borough Council - we've shown them pictures of the weekend; told them how much you lovely people spent with us and shared comments that you made across social media and in our visitors' book. We've reported on how many lovely subscribers we have, and how many of you follow us on Instagram and Facebook and we hope that's proof enough that you want us to stay and make this a more permanent vision for our town. 

What you can do is keep you fingers cross (and everything else), subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media - if there's anything else we need, we'll most certainly ask.

Thank you all so much so far - you really have supported a great thing for us, for the Ancient House, for Ipswich Town and for lots of independent makers and traders, as well as our incredible tour guides who shared so much knowledge with us all.

Here's You...

Here's Us...

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